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Twelve year old Jennifer was given a new house by her sponsor. "I am surprised that somebody so far away that I don't even know loves me this way," she says. The connection you can make by sponsoring a child is priceless.

Working to end poverty in Kenya

     20% of Africans over 15 and 50% of African women over 25 are illiterate (UNESCO). Millions of children around the world need help to break the never-ending cycle of poverty. Hunger weakens them. Unsafe drinking water makes them sick. Missing out on an education keeps them from reaching their potential. As a sponsor, you will help provide a child with sustainable access to appropriate life-changing basics like nutritious food, clean water, healthcare, and education.

     Child sponsorship also helps families and communities lift themselves out of poverty by providing job training, business coaching, small loans, along with training to help poverty-affected farmers learn new ways to irrigate and grow crops. Your monthly sponsorship of $35 provides food, medical care, education, clothes, shelter and more for one child. When you sponsor a child, we will match your request as closely as possible depending on the need for child sponsors.On average, an annual sponsorship contribution of $420 paid in full is allocated in the following way: 80% is transferred for program support that directly benefits your sponsored child and 20% is used to provide essential sponsorship services. You’ll be given the opportunity to personally connect with your sponsored child – building a relationship that could change both your lives. You will receive a Welcome Kit with a photo and information about your sponsored child plus an introductory DVD.


The opportunity to write and receive letters, send small packages and even email your child; and annual progress reports with updated photos of your child.


Sponsorship brings change to more than just one child – the benefits you help provide extend to each child’s family, their community, and other children in need. That’s because JNN Foundation plans with,  and works alongside, local community members to help build healthy communities for children in impoverished places. For about $1 a day, you’ll provide children in need with access to life-saving basics like:

  • Clean water
  • Nutritious food
  • Healthcare
  • Education