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The HIV/AIDS pandemic in Kenya has left thousands of orphaned children in its wake. These innocent children lead a harsh life of hunger, poverty, disease, no hope for an education, no hope for a future, no hope at all.

Despite their circumstances, these children are intelligent, have great personalities, and have a lot of hidden talent and abilities. JNN Foundation’s goal is to provide them with love, food, shelter and an education so as to equip them to become the decision makers of tomorrow. We hope to provide these children with access to sports, music, art and travel opportunities.    


The healthcare sector in Africa is showing signs of remarkable improvement as the quality of hospitals and the availability of qualified doctors has dramatically improved over the last few years. By making the transformation from traditional medicine to a modern and well structured health care system, many African countries have been able to meet the growing demands for quality healthcare services for their people.

The Council for Health Services Accreditation for Southern Africa (COHSASA) has been accrediting many hospitals under its jurisdiction that meet the applicable predetermined and published standards. However, Africa’s healthcare industry is characterized by a huge division between the private and public sectors both in terms of facilities and funding. Perhaps the biggest problem currently facing the public sector is the rising incidence of HIV/AIDS, which is a considerable strain on the public health system in many African countries and will continue to be for some time to come.

As a result, there exist immense opportunities for the supply of a wide range of hospital equipment, instrumentation, machinery and allied medical products. Most of the requirements of the healthcare sector in Africa are imported from various countries around the world. Being a price-sensitive market, African buyers are always on the lookout for high quality, competitively priced goods to meet their requirements. All government efforts as well as the public and private hospital sectors in Africa are dedicating their energies towards making healthcare more accessible and affordable for the general population of Africa.

For JNN Foundation is dedicated to support the needs of orphans, women and disadvantaged children who need food, shelter and education. We invest 100% of all public donations to fund projects, and our team works closely to ensure that every dollar is accounted for and then provide reports back to our donors. Learn about our approach, the solutions we fund and our partners on the ground.

Working to end poverty in Kenya