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You don't have to have money to make a difference.

Amazon Smile

Amazon, the world's largest retailer will donate a portion of your purchases

to JNN through sales made at the .5% of every sale that is made through the

amazon smile link. 

Donate Money via Pay Pal

Money is the most useful resource. So if you have some extra, consider

giving it to someone who has none.The biggest factor which limits our

ability to end hunger and malnutrition in Africa is lack of money. Any

donation you can make will be valued and put to highly effective use. 


JNN Foundation Fundraisers are ordinary people who do extraordinary things to help raise funds to help provide Food, Education and Healthcare to the neediest and most vulnerable.The stories that appear below tell how our fundraisers use creativity, innovation and sometimes sheer determination to raise awareness and get commitment to help.


Charitable organizations like the JNN Foundation cannot function without the work of dedicated volunteers: we invite individuals and groups to contact us to explore our many and varied volunteer opportunities. More than 7,500 people volunteer for us each year and make the difference in the lives of thousands.

Donate Goods

Food, clothes, shoes, shower essentials, and toys are always appreciated. Feel free to mail us any goods you feel could be put to better use: 8 Peddlers Village Christiana, DE 19702

Working to end poverty in Kenya